Loan equipment – a hit with members

Desperate to get on the water I ignored the poor forecast on Good Friday and popped down for a sail. With very little wind I decided to book out  a club board for some light wind freestyle. Flicking through a dozen pages of bookings made me realise what a success the loan system has been.  There are about a 100 bookings, so with family groups etc that means that 200 or so members have enjoyed their use in a season. Thats great news and satisfying to all those who put in the hard work  to arrange the new system and complete the building alterations.

For anyone looking to take advantage of the booking system and wants a hand to show them the ropes then please request some help via our buddy system.

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  1. Finaly made a proper start to the season on Sun 22 April with some good planing conditions, but we were lucky. Just 4 of us. GI rigged up the club race board, JT on his long 80s Mistral, Wend on her trusty screamer / 8m V6, me on the barn door with 9m V8. Sorry too much detail? We were lucky because there was 3mph on arrival, but once on the water the wind kicked in thanks to rain storms elsewhere. F3-4. ideal for an hours worth of 26mph fun. Finally the rain kicked in so hot showers went down a storm! JT was called on to fix the ladies showers, nough said.

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