Membership Fees / How to Join

New members are most welcome 

To join the club, please use the link to the Online Application Form at the foot of this page. Note: the password below is case sensitive to access the form.

Here are some brief instructions to follow to assist with completing the form correctly :

  • Please ensure that you complete the form in full with all the required fields.
  • Upon completing the form you will need to click “Preview Submission” first which will activate the “Capatcha verification” security which you will then need to tick “I am not a Robot” in the Capatcha box, then “Submit Application” to send it.
  • There is no need to print  it as the submission will automatically send it to You should also receive the confirmation email with the instructions for payment for the appropriate fee. 
  • Once the payment is received, the membership secretary will confirm your membership quickly and provide a car window sticker to display as proof of membership and the club access details by post.

Membership details

Annual Fees

Single Membership………………………………..£69
Family Membership……………………………….£84
Student Membership ……………………………..£29

Fees are for the calendar year (January to December)

New or lapsed Members are also required to pay a £40 joining fee. This fee is waived for Junior Members (under 21 years), Full Time students and applicants who have attended a course at Whitlingham Outdoor Centre.

The fees include the use of the private car park, changing facilities with WC and hot showers, private grassed rigging area, private sandy launching beach, club boards / rigs (which must be used together) and informal instruction from RYA qualified instructors subject to availability.

It is a condition of membership that all members using their own equipment must have the following:

1. Third party windsurfing insurance.  This protects you from having to sell your house if a claim is made against you. It also ensures others are compensated should you injure them. 

2. Broads Authority ‘Sailboard licence’. Hickling Broad is privately owned, the licence gives you the right to sail on it. Visit the Broads Authority web site for fees and how to apply. Click here.

* If a member only uses the club’s starter kit, then insurance and a Broads Authority License are not required as club kit is covered by club 3rd party insurance and Broads licence.

3. Other Terms and conditions apply, as stated on the current membership form. All current relevant policies are published on the Club web-site under ‘Member-Info’, the same section of the website where this page is published. Printed copies can be obtained on request from the membership secretary.

Day Members – As this is a ‘self-service’ club we can only accept day memberships as guests from existing full time members. Members will be responsible for collecting their fees, access, their behaviour while at the Club to ensure they follow the rules, and policies of the Club.

Visitors to the area can sail as day members. The cost is £10 per person per day. A receipt for the day fees will be given.

Access to the club facilities is by combination locks and the combination cannot be given to non-members. Sailing as a day member is therefore dependent on club members being on site to let visitors in (and out). Visitors must sign a form declaring that they have third party insurance. The Club’s Intermediate Boards and rigs are NOT for use by day members: They are there for the benefit of full members only subject to conditions


Membership Secretary

Contact details.

Simon Emmerson, Membership Secretary, 14 Redpoll Road, Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk, NR8 5FZ

If you have some questions before completing your application form, look on this website as the answer is probably there, alternatively, you can contact Simon on 07533 274305, or 01603 741808.

or email: membership enquiries (

New ONLINE Membership Form : Click on the links below to down load:

NOTE Please use the password ‘HWCAPPLICATION’ to open the form once you have clicked on the link:

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