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Data Protection Policy

Hickling Windsurfing Club

Data Protection Policy

1.  Our commitment

The Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation, applies to the processing of personal data. Hickling Windsurfing Club (HWC, or “the club”) is committed to complying with its legal obligations in this regard. HWC collects and processes personal data relating to its members in the course of running the club and administering membership.

This policy covers any individual about whom HWC processes data. This may include current and former members. Processing of data includes: collecting; recording; presenting; storing; altering; and destroying.

2. Collection and storage of data

Personal data will be collected by HWC by issuing a membership application or membership renewal form to individual members for them to complete, or confirm if the form is prepopulated with data, for example on membership renewal. HWC will only collect the minimum personal information to manage, administer and promote the club in line with the objectives written in the club’s Constitution.

From time to time, the club may ask for other information to help plan and manage the club but will never identify individuals in any subsequent data analysis.

At organised sailing days (for example Training, Fun or Come and Try days) the club may take photographs to record the event and promote the club via the website and Newsletter. Any individuals who are photographed will not be identified by name in relation to those photographs and will have the opportunity to “opt out” of photography when signing in to the event itself.

Personal data kept by HWC shall normally be stored in three forms:

a)    The paper membership application or membership renewal form;

b)    Data extracted from the membership application or membership renewal form and entered on to a computerised  database to facilitate the administration of memberships and communication with members, and;

c)    Any photographs taken on organised sailing days will be stored in digital form in the same way as other electronic data (see Section 3 below), but without password protection.

HWC will ensure that personal data will be processed in accordance with the principles of data protection, as described in the Data Protection Act 1998.

HWC will store data no longer then the end of the calendar year following the calendar year to which the membership applied. After that time both the paper and computer records will be deleted. The only exception to this is where personal data is held on the club’s web based photo gallery records of past club events. Members can request the Data Controller (see section 4 below) to delete any such data relating to themselves, if they prefer.

3.  Security and disclosure of data

HWC will take all reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of both electronic and manual data.

Paper, or manual data, will be kept by the Membership Secretary in a file for the purpose, located at his or her home.

Electronic Data is kept on the Membership Secretary’s personal computer(s). That includes a single Excel file containing personal data for the current membership (calendar) year and the previous membership year. The Excel file is password protected and the password is known to the Membership Secretary, Club Chairman, and News Editor.

Backup copies of the Excel file are kept both on and off site to guard against data loss due to computer failure.

Personal data collected as part of membership application or renewal will not be disclosed to third parties, except where required or authorised by law or with the prior agreement of the member. Personal data may be made available by the Membership Secretary to those committee members who need it to perform their designated function within the club.

In the case of photographs taken at organised club events, some of those images may be used to help promote and illustrate the club’s activities, both in the Newsletter and/or on the website. Members declare as part of the application or renewal process that they consent to this use, subject to being able to opt out when signing in to the event itself. Any such photography will never ascribe further identification to a member/s, for example by including names in any narrative.

Any photography will exclude individual images of members under 18 years, in compliance with the club’s Child Protection Policy, unless specific written parent or guardian consent is expressly given before such photography takes place. For practical reasons, members under the age of 18 attending organised club events MAY have images included in group photographs.

4. Data Controller

The Membership Secretary is the Data Controller for HWC. He/she bears overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Acts. He /she will answer queries or deal with members’ concerns about data protection.

5.  Access requests

Members are entitled to request data held about them on computer, or to request a photo copy of their original paper membership application or renewal. The Data Controller will provide this information as quickly as possible, ensuring security of the data to be supplied

6.  Review

This policy will be reviewed from time to time to take into account changes in the law and the experience of the policy in practice.