The premier windsurfing location on the Norfolk Broads, East Anglia, UK, and believed to be the largest windsurfing Club in the UK. A beautiful relatively safe location, close to the North Sea coast, great winds, beginner loan equipment, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome. We are also an RYA training Centre, and currently have 15 qualified instructors. *** Training services, and events currently suspended, with special measures in place due to Covid-19.

The sport of Windsurfing is great for personal fitness, and sailing along under your own power is the ultimate thrill. We can arrange buddying, and training courses new members to help get the most from the club. Our training courses tend to follow our ‘come and try’ day in May. ***

If you are interested in joining then e-mail There’s also further information on joining here. New memberships only open to those who can already windsurf.

6 July Update – Following positive feedback and further review we are pleased to relax the limit of 15 vehicles in the car park. However, we will keep this under review and ask members to advise any concerns or issues to the committee urgently. Here is the latest summary of the current Club special COVID19 precautions:

1. The temporary limit on 15 vehicles has been lifted, but members have a responsibilityto let the committee know if they feel uncomfortable while at the Club, it’s too busy, or feel the precautions are not working.

2. Numbers of members present – no more than 30 on the beach or in the car park at any one time.

3. Social distancing– minimum of 2m gap at all times.

4. The toilets and washbasins can be used.

5. Do not use the changing room or showers. It is currently illegal.

6. Bring your own wipes, sanitiser, towels, and soap for your personal safety. Club supplies for the wash basins cannot be guaranteed.

7. Clean down first aid kits, radios, after use.

8. The beach, changing rooms and barrier must be locked by the last person leaving – without FAIL. The first person to arrive please leave locks, and barrier open.

9. The Club boat may only be used in cases of a serious emergency, should a competent boat driver be present. NOT for general safety cover, kit breakages/retrieval or routine use.In the case of a risk to life, dial 999.

10. Club beginner kit should be cleaned with disinfectant/ soap and water/ or your own sanitiser before use.

11. Please take your rubbish home with you.

2 June update – The special Covid-19 precautions are proving to work surprisingly well, with plenty of spare capacity on all days, bar about 1 hour, on the first windy day of opening. The only change therefore at this stage is to allow non-windsurfing family members access when it’s not windy / busy. Thank you to members for the their kind comments, being very considerate by sailing early, and limiting their windsurfing to allow others to windsurf on subsequent days. Please remember to bring your own PPE, sanitiser etc. Please note the 2020 lock codes are now active.

As always, if anyone has any suggestions or further feedback then please email, or The committee will review the situation monthly and modify the precautions appropriately.

Happy windsurfing, Martin

13 May Update – The club is open, but subject to new Covid -19 controls.

Following Government, RYA, and Boards Authority advice, we are open subject to new rules, aimed at reducing the risk to members. We have restricted capacity at the Club, implemented social distancing, and added a host of infection prevention controls. Please refer to the latest Club email/letter communications for the full details.
We aim to improve these rules and controls over time, and welcome member feedback on any issues and suggestions.

Please contact,, or

Looking forward to seeing you, from afar, very soon.

Martin, Chairman

Note for fb users: Full details and updates are also be published on the “Hickling Windsurfing Club Members” only fb page. Please search fb, go to that page and request access.

23 March 8:30pm

Latest Update. Lockdown PM Boris instructs us to stay at home. We hope the restrictions are lifted soon so we can return to the Club. In the mean time we wish everyone well. Think you know your kit? Then lookout for our lockdown PM (Photo Mystery) quiz on the Club facebook page soon.


19 March update

Dear Windsurfer,

We are a responsible club that puts the health and safety of our members at the heart of everything we do. As you would expect, we have been giving very serious consideration to the daily updates to Government advice about how we should respond to the coronavirus threat.

At the moment, we do not see any reason why we should curtail windsurfing at Hickling, subject to a few simple precautions.

Windsurfing is a solitary activity, which presents little to no risk of passing on the virus. At a time when other physical activities are being restricted and you might be spending far more time than usual inside, windsurfing gives you a chance to enjoy some physical exercise in a beautiful location in the fresh air. This will be good for your mental wellbeing, as much as your physical health.

Of course, there are parts of the windsurfing experience that do bring you into closer contact with fellow sailors, and which do carry some risks. We therefore ask that you follow these simple additional precautions:

1 Please respect the Government’s health advice. In particular:
2. If you meet any of the criteria for isolation or show any of the symptoms of the virus, please do not attend the club.
3. Maintain “social distancing”. In particular, please respect the confined space of the changing rooms- we strongly recommend only one person in each changing room at a time. Huddling together on the benches on the beach should also be avoided. 
4. We are not able to provide frequent cleaning of the facilities. There is a small chance that the changing room door handles and surfaces; the club kit; other gates and locks, etc. could be contaminated. Please wash your hands with soap and water, or use a suitable sanitizer gel after contact with any such surfaces. If using club kit, you may also wish to wipe down the boom and other surfaces that you touch with a suitable wipe prior to use. We do not supply sanitizers or wipes- please bring your own supply.

The Committee will keep abreast of the evolving Government and RYA advice, and we will keep our risk assessment constantly under review. We will revise and re-issue our advice as appropriate. 

The Committee will be considering if we run any of our organised events for the coming season. We note the RYA and Sailing Club have cancelled all events.

If you have any questions or if any of this advice is unclear, please let us know. Contact any of the usual email addresses:,, or

The committee

Whats on in 2020 – this is what we aimed to do for members … the first two events were very successful. Strong winds and mild temperatures have resulted in lots of windsurfing in January and February. Long may it continue.

7 March Work Party, getting the Club ship shape for the season.
14&15 March National RYA Youth training squad – its going to be v. busy that weekend.

The Club program is on hold until further notice –
9 May Race Day 1.
16 May Come and Try Day, for those thinking of having a go and joining.
6&7 June Beginner Course 1 (2 Day)
13&14 June Beginner Course 2 (2 Day)
4 July Intermediate Course (1 Day)
11 July Intermediate Course (1 Day)
18 July Race Day2
July/August Saturday Sailing Clinics
August Simon Bornhoft TBC
September Advanced Instructor Training TBC
12 Sept Race Day 3
12 Nov AGM, venue TBC

** We will monitor government advice and update accordingly.

If you are interested to get windsurfing on the beautiful Hickling Broad then this is the day for you!! Joiners will be offered preferential rates on a 2 day beginner training course, and buddying while at the Club. T&Cs apply, and subject to availability. If you just want to come and look, have a coffee, and say hi, then that’s fine too.