Welcome to Hickling Windsurfing Club

The premier windsurfing location on the Norfolk Broads, East Anglia, UK. A beautiful relatively safe location, close to the North Sea coast, great winds, beginner loan equipment, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome. 

The sport of Windsurfing is great for personal fitness, and sailing along under your own power is the ultimate thrill. We can arrange limited coaching to new members to help learning and to get the most from the club. We occasionally have training days and public ‘come and try’ days too.

If you are interested in joining then e-mail There’s also further information on joining here.

Fun Day: Saturday 22nd August

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 21.47.41

All members are welcome to come along for some light-hearted competition, banter, prizes and food.  Previous events have proved very popular.

This year will have a Formula 1 theme.

Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for weather-related updates nearer the time.

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Come and try it day: Saturday 30th May

What a fantastic day!  Warm, sunny and a perfect breeze for learning.

It was great to see many youngsters having a go.  The feedback from everyone who attended was very positive, and several joined on the day.

Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for further events.

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Training Day: 9th May

DSC_9625training day

This is taking place on Saturday 9th May – confirmed.

All members are welcome to come along and improve their skills with the assistance of our Instructors.  All aspects of your sailing can be covered; from getting to grips with the basics, right through to the carve gybe.

Please arrive by 10am to allow you time to rig up and be allocated and Instructor according to your aims/ requirements.


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Work Party: Saturday 14th March

Please can we have some volunteers?  Many hands make light work, and the quicker the jobs are done the sooner we can go for a sail afterwards (for those that wish to).

This is our annual tidy up of the premises.  Please arrive at 10am with rake/gloves/enthusiasm  to help with the following tasks:

Washing the green slime off the Northern side of the changing rooms;

Cleaning and fixing gutters;

Tidying hedges/ stray branches;

Sweeping leaves and twigs from the car park, paths and rigging area;

Sorting out the slippery decking on the boat jetty

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Winter exclusion zone: 1st November to 31st March

To avoid a potential £20,000 fine then please remember not to sail in the areas marked with “Bird Refuge – please avoid” areas as marked on this diagram. For more information click here.

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