Welcome to Hickling Windsurfing Club

The premier windsurfing location on the Norfolk Broads, East Anglia, UK. A beautiful relatively safe location, close to the North Sea coast, great winds, beginner loan equipment, excellent facilities, and a warm welcome. 

The sport of Windsurfing is great for personal fitness, and sailing along under your own power is the ultimate thrill. We can arrange limited coaching to new members to help learning and to get the most from the club. We occasionally have training days and public ‘come and try’ days too.

If you are interested in joining then e-mail There’s also further information on joining here.

No showers

Due to the cold weather, the water supply to the changing rooms has been turned off to prevent pipes bursting.  This means the showers and toilets are not in operation.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and we will announce when they are up and running again when the weather warms up.

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Winter exclusion zone: 1st November to 31st March

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 19.25.23

To avoid a potential £20,000 fine then please remember not to sail in the areas marked with “Bird Refuge – please avoid” areas as marked on this diagram. For more information click here.

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6 November – AGM

IMG_1651smallPicture: 30th year celebration event at Hickling earlier this year.

The East Anglian Tennis and Squash Club hosted the 2014 AGM.

We have a had another very successful year at the Club: Come and Try day, 2 training days, 30th year celebration, new carpark surface, and new changing room flooring. The Club facebook is building momentum too. Although we had a very expensive year it was decided to freeze fees for 2015. The committee says good bye to Pat, Tony, Dave, and Philip – who collectively have over 80 years committee experience! Yes, that is amazing. Martin takes on the role of Chairman, and Jeff as News Editor. Phil and Glen have joined the committee too.

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21 September 2014 – more training

DSC_9625Thanks to Big G, Philip, Robbie, and Tone for joining me [Richard] in providing the coaching today. And thanks to all the members who turned up to participate and made it a worthwhile event. The wind was challenging at times (I was busy in the boat retrieving stray sailors from downwind, and a squall de-masted a couple of dinghies), but most people seemed to get a lot out of the session, so well done.



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30 year celebration – 30 August 2014

Founder members Pat and Tony somewhat taken aback by their framed photos in recognition of 30 years on the committee.

Over 70 had pleasure at the Pleasure Boat Inn enjoying the stories, food, drink and laughter. The garden setting was perfect,  just across the dyke from where is all started 30 years ago. Tony and Pat were presented with a scene from the beach from a windy sunny day in February 2014. Alan won the raffle – a calm view of the beach.  Go to our facebook page for more pictures.


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