Club Equipment

Beginner kit:

The club large beginner boards and sails are ideal for beginners, learners, and those wanting to have a go at some light wind free style. As such they are relatively large floaty boards with small sails. There are no foot straps or harness lines to get in the way. Once starting to plane members will want to get their own equipment, tailored to their own needs.

The sails, boom and mast extensions are pre-set and numbered so you shouldn’t have to adjust anything. To have a good sail then the rigs do need to be tensioned correctly. An incorrect sail will spoil you day, so it’s best to ask other members to check it set right.

Intermediate kit:

Club kit is available to those that have mastered the basics and want to try a short board and larger sail. If you wish to use this kit for the rest of the season, then please Text or WhatsApp Rory on 07771 940581.

Experienced members are very much encouraged to try the kit too, on a one off basis, and taste what the kit is like. Instructions and guides are in the building.  Any questions or advice then please ask. Buddy sessions how to use the kit should be requested via a buddy request – please see buddy page.

Intermediate kit must be booked out each time, damage recorded, and FAULTY lables added to stop anyone from using dangerous kit or damaging it further (holes in hulls for example).

If you want to use the equipment PLEASE read the notes below.


1. The boards and rigs are available for the use of any full time member. They are not available for ‘day’ members unless supervised by a full time member. (Intermediate boards are for use by full-time members only)

2. The new rigs can only be used on the club boards. They are not to be used on members own boards.

3. Before using the equipment it must be signed out in the book provided. Please fill in all the details required so we can track how often  they are being used.

4. The equipment is available on a ‘first come first served’ basis. If more than one member wants to use the equipment at the same time then they will need to share the equipment.

5. The equipment can be booked for 2 hours at a timeAt the end of two hours if no one else wants to use it then it can be booked out for another 2 hours.

6. None of the equipment is to be taken ‘off site’. Removing equipment off site will be regarded as theft.

7. Any damage or missing kit should be reported in the book provided so that we know what needs to be repaired. Any other problems should be reported to a committee member.

Please remember to shut the door behind you! Enjoy your sail!

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