Other Broad users

While windsurfing at Hickling it is important that all members show respect to others on the water by giving them space and taking all necessary action to avoid collisions.

Hickling Broad Sailing Club

The sailing club race on a regular basis most Wednesday evenings and weekends. The race courses are clearly marked with red buoys. Members should avoid them and keep out of the way of racing boats.


Hickling is a popular spot for fisherman. They tend to be float fishing which means that their floats will be downwind of their boat by upto 50m or so. They are not always easy to spot so when passing their boats whenever possible stay upwind of them, or well down wind, or sail on another part of the broad.

Holiday makers

Holiday cruisers (power and sail) come into the Broad on a regular basis. They are limited, because of their draught, to the central channel which is clearly marked by the large wooden posts. They are often inexperienced sailors so keep well clear of them.