Feedback and Contacting the Club

Feedback and comments:

We welcome feedback and comments about the club, please contact the committee at

If you wish to make a complaint:

We are pleased to have excellent relationships with other water users, and members are renowned for their friendliness and respect for the broad. We have had just two complaints in over 25 years. However, we do realise that things can go wrong and welcome polite and constructive feedback from others. Should you wish to make a complaint then please follow this process and provide information so that we can help follow up on your behalf.

What we need you to do:

* email the Club Committee at the above address.

* Explain the nature of your complaint, say what happened, include dates, times, and describe the people involved. Suggest what in your opinion could be done to avoid a repeat of the problem. This will enable us to investigate and report back you.

Please note that safety on the broad is a priority and any intimidating behaviour will be reported to police and criminal proceedings will follow.

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