Jan/Feb/Mar dredging work !!

8 March update. Please note the dredging works are underway and are currently expected to be complete by the end of March. Mud will be pumped via a floating pipe West to East across the Broad! Windsurfers will be cut off from the broad from 12 Feb to approx 12 March.

From 12 March to the end of March dredging in area ‘A’ will be in progress. It may be possible to reach the open broad by windsurfing to the west of area’A’. We will need to be very careful to navigate safely around the equipment.

However, due […]

“We wish…

you a merry Xmas and a happy new year”


Members on the beach Xmas day 2016.

Winter exclusion zone – 1 Nov to 31 March 2018

Please remember to keep clear of the winter exclusion zones, marked by a line of white Buoys, and yellow hatching in the picture. This is to help minimise the disturbance to wintering birds. This goes back to when the Club was formed and agreed with the Broads Authority, other organisations and water users.

Race day – 9 October 2017

The first official Race Day for a decade or two was well organised, and a great success. With a westerly wind gusting to Force 4, the course was laid out from the point to a Southerly Buoy. The results after 5 races were: 1st Martin, 2nd, Simon, 3rd Darren. Thank you to Richard for organising, and the ‘three men in a boat’ (Graham, Dave, Darren) for helping to keep proceedings under control.

Everyone is looking forward to the 2018 race series.

19 Aug Fun Day

Why is Richard doing all the hard work? Find the write up and pics on the Club facebook page. Link on the LHS.