Club fun day 22 September 2012


Blues skies + great bunch of people + delicious lunch + force 2/4 = another successful club fun day.

Warm and windy – all the weather forecasts got it wrong. An Olympic theme this year, with 400 and 800 metre races, and of course a relay race. In all 6 gold medals and loads of well deserved prizes were awarded.

Thanks goes to Tony (Chief Judge), Philip (Pro photographer), Wendy (Chef), Kathy (Cake maker) and to everyone for being such good sports and great Olympians. I didn’t know that cakes could taste that good!

The highlight has to be the relay race. Despite extensive R&D the batons were vulnerable to breaking into two, in the hands of highly enthusiastic competitors, making the handover process even more complex. A major test of board control, balance, and navigation skills. John and Robert being the first ever windsurfing relay gold medalists.

Thanks to everyone for making this a fun day to remember. Click here for the pics. Full write up in the news letter here.


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