Corona Virus – keeping safe

23 March Update – Re-opening on 29 March (provisional)

Sounds like we can re-open on 29 March provided we follow the same rules as last year…..

1.   ‘Check in’,via the App or in the log book

2.   Do notuse these rooms for changing, or showering.

3.   The toilets and washbasins canbe used.

4.   No gatheringsof more than 6

5.   Keep at least 2m apart.

6.   The beach, changing rooms and barrier must be locked          by the last personleaving – without FAIL.

7.   Bring your own wipes, sanitiser, towels, and soap 

8.   Clean down first aid kits, radios, after use.

9.   The Club boat may only be used in cases of a serious emergency, should a competent boat driver be present.  

          In the case of a risk to life, dial 999.

10.  Club beginner kitshould be cleaned with disinfectant/ soapand water/ or your own sanitiser before use.

11.  Please take your rubbish home with you.

12.  Clearly displayyour car park Sticker.

Please do enjoy your exercise, and be extra cautious to keep safe on the water to avoid the need to be rescued which puts others at risk.

Happy daily exercise. The Committee.

Follow the latest Government advice at all times.

21 February update – Boris’s aims for ending lockdown

We are awaiting further details and confirmation of when we are allowed to open the club again. There are some high level aims to open sports Clubs from 29 March but that is someway off, and it’s subject to a number of factors including vaccination progress, virus transmission rates etc. We, like you, are chomping at the bit to go windsurfing asap, and will update as soon as there is something concrete to report.

5 January 2021 – Lockdown No.3, & notice of Zoom Quiz meeting on 11 Jan.

Here we go again…we are required to close by law. Along with other Sports venues the Club is closed until at least mid February. 🙁 Stay safe.

26 December – Tier 4 (Stay at Home)

Local exercise is allowed, however the government definition of local is: – “If you need to travel you should stay local – meaning avoiding travelling outside of your village, town or the part of a city where you live” for further details checkout this link. Members need to consider their particular circumstances to decide if their travel to the Club is appropriate, and legal at the moment.

As always, if anyone has any questions, suggestions or provide feedback then please email, or The committee will review the situation regularly and modify the precautions appropriately.

Note for fb users: Full details and updates are also be published on the “Hickling Windsurfing Club Members” only fb page. Please search fb, go to that page and request access.

The Committee will keep abreast of the evolving Government and RYA advice, and we will keep our risk assessment constantly under review. We will revise and re-issue our advice as appropriate. 

All events and training are cancelled until it’s safe to do so. 1:1 buddy sessions may be possible subject to instructors willing to do so.

If you have any questions or if any of this advice is unclear, please let us know. Contact any of the usual email addresses:,, or

The committee