Jan/Feb/Mar dredging work !!

8 March update. Please note the dredging works are underway and are currently expected to be complete by the end of March. Mud will be pumped via a floating pipe West to East across the Broad! Windsurfers will be cut off from the broad from 12 Feb to approx 12 March. 

From 12 March to the end of March dredging in area ‘A’ will be in progress. It may be possible to reach the open broad by windsurfing to the west of  area’A’. We will need to be very careful to navigate safely around the equipment. 

However, due to the cold weather, and hazards on the Broad it’s probably best to keep away until the works are finished at the end of March.

  • The dredging vessel and pipeline will be marked with buoys and clear signage to warn users of the Broad of its location and working area. Please be aware that the dredging vessel works along a tensioned wire rope and has a trailing floating pipeline; these will be marked to indicate the hazard to all water users.
  • During the period of dredging within Area ‘C’, the pipeline will stretch West to East across the broad blocking access to the Broad from the Windsurfing club (as notified within Notice to Mariners ).
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