Corona Virus – keeping safe

Sept 2021 Update –

Further to relaxation of government rules and advice, most of our original precautions at keeping members safe have been relaxed. Please continue to respect others space, in particular a max of 3 people in the changing room at anyone time. The changing rooms are being cleaned and sanitised weekly, with soaps, sanitiser, and shower gel provided.

The car park gate and beach gate should now be kept closed.

Follow the latest Government advice at all times.

As always, if anyone has any questions, suggestions or provide feedback then please email, or The committee will review the situation regularly and modify the precautions appropriately.

Note for fb users: Full details and updates are also be published on the “Hickling Windsurfing Club Members” only fb page. Please search fb, go to that page and request access.

The Committee will keep abreast of the evolving Government and RYA advice, and we will keep our risk assessment constantly under review. We will revise and re-issue our advice as appropriate. 

All events and training will hopefully resume next year. 1:1 buddy sessions may be possible subject to instructors willing to do so.

If you have any questions or if any of this advice is unclear, please let us know. Contact any of the usual email addresses:,, or

The committee